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Our mission is to provide the individuals, families, and businesses we serve with innovative financial and wealth planning strategies that result in clarity, stability, and overall financial health. As an independent firm with over 35 years of experience we understand that each client is unique, which is why our one-on-one approach considers your individual goals, objectives, and concerns. We feel it is vitally important to ensure you have the information necessary to make informed financial decisions.

Janet Pack

Owner & CEO, Certified Financial Fiduciary®

With 37 years of experience working with retirees and pre-retirees, Janet specializes in complete, holistic retirement plans. Janet understands that today’s markets can be turbulent and puts an extra emphasis on ensuring returns outpace inflation, which guarantees income for life. Janet understands Health Care and its significant risk and cost to many retirees. Therefore, Medicare and Long-term Care issues are addressed with unique and sometimes uncommon solutions. Taxes are also a unique consideration, as well as their relation to income and assets.

She has guided thousands of families thru the process of retirement and asset transference. In the advisor world she is unique, as she understands that every person has their own specific needs, goals and desires for their retirement plan. That’s why she creates plans that are specifically designed for each individual client and/or situation.

Janet’s main objective is to help inform her clients. She believes that knowledge equals power, and she believes in empowering her clients, so they feel confident in making the right decision for themselves and their families. Janet acts as a fiduciary, making decisions with your best interests in mind and disclosing conflicts of interest. She is extremely accomplished with years of experience in all forms of planning for retirement. Her Sunday radio show “Smart Retirement Radio” has topped the charts in the Seattle area for 5 years.

Financial Analysis

"9 To Know"
This quick, basic analysis can help determine if you are on track for a successful retirement!

Tax Bill

Is your Retirement Tax Bill too big? Do you know the size of your potential tax bill? Find out in 3 easy steps!

Tax Risk
Tool Kit

Essential aspects of retirement planning, including publications, interactive tools, and contact information for specific questions.

Easy-to-Understand Guidance

The journey to retirement can be hard to navigate, so we collaborate with our clients to understand the challenges and obstacles you face on a daily basis.

Personal Connections with Each of Our Clients

We founded our business on the values of honesty and integrity and intend to know each of our clients individually. We strive to provide you with the high-quality service you deserve.

Customized Strategies for Each Client

We carefully and strategically create a holistic plan that encompasses our client’s individual needs to help them retire with confidence.

Asset Allocation

We pride ourselves on providing retirement strategies to our surrounding communities. We take a look at your unique mix of assets and integrate those aspects into a coordinated retirement income plan.
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Life Insurance

Life insurance may provide some comfort for the policyholder because their loved ones will receive a death benefit when they pass away. It can also offer a number of benefits that may make it a valuable tool.
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Long-Term Care

It can be beneficial to have a plan to be able to fund long-term care, should you need it at any point in your retirement. We are here to help you prepare for a long and comfortable retirement.
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Retirement Strategy

Our organization prides itself on providing retirement strategies to our surrounding communities. We take an extensive look at each client’s unique mix of assets to help integrate the aspects of our clients’ wealth into a coordinated strategy.
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Social Security

Your Social Security benefit represents years of savings and hard work, which is why we work to help ensure you understand how it fits your retirement strategy.
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Tax Strategies

One part of building your retirement is determining your tax liability and developing a strategy to help minimize how much you pay. We recommend customizing your retirement to utilize any possible tax credits and deductions.
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Have you hit the mark with your retirement planning?

For the majority of our lives, we focus on earning money and saving it. Then, one day, we get to retire! We get to enjoy the happy, relaxed days of following all our retirement dreams. But there’s a catch; when we retire, everything changes. It’s now our job to protect the nest egg we’ve created throughout our working years. It’s an entirely different mindset that involves an entirely different set of knowledge and skills. Read more on how Janet Pack is helping people to retire and stay retired by learning about various aspects of retirement planning so you can achieve the retirement of their dreams.

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